What's the differences in coffee from a Moka Pot versus Percolator?

So what are the differences in coffee coming from moka pot vs percolator?

The percolator coffee is more like a French press. The percolators resemble tall, thinner tea pots. They make coffee cups with a high temperature and a long brewing process. Moka is more like Turkish coffee or even espresso because it is subjected to low pressure and the brewing process is one-sided.

Percolators are mainly used for making simple coffee, while moka make (almost) espresso. We receive completely different infusions, both in terms of taste and caffeine content.
Yes, moka pots brew coffee under a certain pressure, but only 1-2 bars. That’s more than most people can generate manually, but it doesn’t match the coffee maker. Modern coffee machines brew at a pressure of 8-10 bars. This is 5-10 times more than the pressure in the moka pot, depending on the machine.

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