"Auto Heat: On-the-Go Cup Warmers for Your Travel Comfort"

Place drinks cup in place with MultiHolder!

It is a versatile automobile cup holder with an expandable base from 2.6"" to 3.8"" in diameter to fill the console cup to fit various vehicles. It is composed of sturdy ABS plastic and may be used to hold beverage cans, keeping your car seat neat and orderly. This vehicle cup holder kit contains an extra sponge pad that can be attached to its lower half to bridge the space between the cup holder and the car cup mouth and increase stability and compatibility.



Extendable base - The upper base of the car's double cup support is fully rotatable in all directions. One automobile cup holder may be changed by two, and two beverages can be kept at the same time.

Convenience - Without repeatedly messing around between the seat and the center console, you may locate the lost cell phone, credit card, cash, and key. The cup holder's extensible adaptor may be used not only as a cup holder to carry beverages or water cups, but also to store mobile phones, glasses, cash, keys, wallets, and other objects.

Functional - Most water bottles and coffee mugs may be placed with it. Mobile phones, sandwiches, munchies, and potato chips may all be stored in the upper cup holder's expanding and adjustable adaptor. It is not suggested to store too many cups or water bottles.

Easy-to-use - Put the base inside the stock cup holder in your automobile. To fix the base, rotate the cup holder clockwise to push out the tentacles. To employ the various storage options, you might decide to divide one cup holder into two cup holders.

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17 products