About Us


 StepUp Coffee was founded in 2021 by Sheila and Ronald Giddings, two coffee aficionados hailing from the lofty peaks of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica and the sprawling plantations of South America. With coffee coursing through our veins, we embarked on a mission to share our passion for this beloved beverage with the world. 

Fueled by our profound passion for coffee, StepUp Coffee is committed to procuring the highest quality beans worldwide. We firmly believe that outstanding coffee begins with exceptional beans. Hence, we meticulously handpick each batch, ensuring superior quality and distinct flavor profiles. Through extensive research, we've forged partnerships with two top-tier coffee roasters in California and Chicago. These esteemed partners share our values of quality, freshness, ethical sourcing, and diverse offerings, including specialty and flavored coffees.

Their dedication to excellence aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver unparalleled coffee experiences to our customers. With their expertise and our unwavering commitment, we ensure that every cup of StepUp Coffee embodies the highest standards of quality, freshness, and ethical sourcing. From the moment the beans are selected to the final sip, we guarantee a journey of pure delight for every coffee enthusiast.

But our dedication to coffee doesn't stop there. Driven by our deep-rooted love for coffee and guided by our Christian values, StepUp Coffee is committed to social consciousness and making a positive impact. In addition to sourcing the finest beans globally and supporting ethical practices, we are educators of indigenous children and aspire to inspire indigenous youth in Canada. As proud contributors to the America Friends of Jamaica, focused on aiding disadvantaged children, we strive to uplift communities and foster hope for a brighter future.



So come on in, pour yourself a cup, and experience the magic of StepUp Coffee.