Why Does Coffee At Home Taste Different From Coffee From The Shop?

Have you ever wondered why coffee from the shop tastes different than coffee you make at home? It's not just in your head! There are actually a few reasons why this happens. Let's take a closer look at why coffee from the shop often tastes better than coffee made at home.

1. The water quality is better.
Coffee shops have to worry about their reputation, so they're more likely to use filtered water that gives the coffee a better taste. At home, you might not have as good of water quality, which can make your coffee taste funny.

2. They use fresh beans.
Coffee shops will usually use fresh beans that were roasted within the past week or two. This makes a big difference in taste! If you're using beans that are more than a few weeks old, they might start to taste stale.

3. They know how to grind the beans properly.
Coffee shops will usually have a professional grinder that can grind the beans perfectly. If you're grinding the beans yourself, it's easy to make them too coarse or too fine, which can impact the taste of the coffee.

4. They know how to brew the perfect cup.
Coffee shops have experienced baristas who know how to brew a great cup of coffee using the perfect ratio of coffee to water. If you're brewing at home, it's easy to make it too weak or too strong.

So, there you have it! Those are a few reasons why coffee from the shop often tastes better than coffee made at home. Next time you're feeling like your home-brewed coffee isn't quite up to par, remember that it might just be due to one of these factors!

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