The Best Specialty Coffee to Buy Right Now

If you're looking for the best specialty coffee to buy right now, you're in luck. From light-roast coffees to dark-roast blends, there's something out there for everyone. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just a beginner, here are some of the top specialty coffees you should try.

Light Roasts: These lighter roasts have a mild flavor and are usually less acidic than their darker counterparts. Light roast coffees tend to be more floral and fruity with notes of fruit, honey, and caramel. They are often roasted for shorter amounts of time and at lower temperatures than dark roasts. Some popular light roasts include African Kahawa, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Guatemala , Brazil Maragogype, and Costa Rica .

Medium Roasts: Medium roasts have slightly more body than the light roasts with an added hint of sweetness and complexity. They are typically roasted for a bit longer than light roasts but still maintain the same fruity undertones. Popular medium roast choices include Colombia Huila Supremo and Ethiopia Harrar Longberry Natural.

Dark Roasts: Darker roasts have intense flavors with deep smokiness and hints of chocolate or caramel undertones. They are roasted for longer periods of time at higher temperatures which results in a fuller-bodied cup of coffee that is less acidic than lighter varieties. A few popular dark roast choices include Bali Blue,  and Nicaragua San Juan de Apacayo .

Conclusion: With so many different kinds of specialty coffee out there to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one is best for you. But when it comes down to it, all it takes is some trial-and-error before you find your perfect cup! So don't be afraid to experiment with different beans until you find one that suits your taste—it'll make your morning coffee ritual even more enjoyable!

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