In Solidarity with the Ukrainian Coffee Community

The Specialty Coffee Association stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian coffee community whose homeland has been under attack for the past few days by Russia. We strongly condemn the Russian regine's invastion of Ukraine and the violence and displacement beein inflicted.

The SCA Board of Directors held an extraordinary meeting yesterday to find ways to support members of the Ukrainian coffee community.  They have also spoken directly with the volunteer leadership of the SCA Ukraine Chapter to express our solidarity and commitment to helping them ensure this senseless war.

The SCA decuded ti dibate 100% of the revenue from ticket sales for World of Coffee Warsaw toward supporting relief efforts for Ukrainian coffee businesses and coffee professionals. They also decided to suspend Russia's participation in the World Coffee Championships.

The European coffee community quickly pulled together with innovative ways to support the Ukrainian coffee community. The Russian coffee  community calls for peace and has epressed solidarity with the Ukrainian coffee community. They committed to working with loca SCA Chapters and other partners to share resources on their Instagram page for displaced Ukrainina coffee people and for those who want to  offer support from around the world.


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