Common Coffee Terms to help your Choices.

Coffee is a very popular drink. There are many different types of coffee and they can be made in so many different ways. Regardless of how you like your coffee, there is something for everyone!

Some common types of coffee include: espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, Americano and French Press. Each type has its own unique taste that may appeal to certain people more than others. Espresso is the most concentrated form of coffee with the strongest flavor while Americanos have an even balance between chocolatey and caramel notes which makes them perfect for those who enjoy both sweet flavors as well as more bitter tastes. Cappuccinos are known for their foamy topping while lattes offer a sweeter taste since

Do you know the difference between "espresso" and "cappuccino"? If not, this blog post will help.

It explains some of the most common coffee terms that are used in cafes. Hopefully it'll make ordering your next cup of joe a little easier! What is an Espresso?


A major coffee characteristic. It is perceived as a dry sensation under the edges of the tongue and at the back of the palate, and tastes sharp, vibrant and live. Coffee with low acidity tastes dull. Acidity should not be confused with bitterness.


A coffee-based Italian dessert. A shot of espresso is poured onto a scoop of vanilla gelato.

Africa and Arabian Peninsula

The regions where the coffee was first grown. Typically, coffee grown here provides dry, acidic, chocolaty, fruity tastes and rural, sharp aromas. Africa is the motherland of Ethiopian coffee. Coffee was first grown and cooked in Yemen.


An espresso drink prepared by adding hot water to espresso. It has a light layer of crema and is stronger than filter coffee.

American roast

Medium roast resulting in medium brown and dry surfaced beans with bean temperature read generally between 215 °C – 240 °C.

aged coffee

Coffee beans that have been stored in warehouses under controlled conditions to create riper and softer flavor characteristics. Those beans age longer.


The term altura means “altitude” in Catalan language. Also Mexican coffee beans grown in high altitudes are named so.


A traditional Arabic unit of volume, used by Portuguese since 12th century, approximately 13.8 liters; also a unit of land to yield that amount of crop; mostly dry goods.


The premium gourmet coffee beans grown in North Sumarta at elevations from 750 m to 1.500 m. from sea level. Traditionally, Ankola is dry processed, and washed Ankola production has also started.


It is the most popular coffee of the modern coffee market.

More than 70% of all coffee beans on the world market is Arabica beans. The Arabica coffee trees, which are affected by the pests, cold and improper harvesting, are grown in cold tropical climate where the soil is rich in moisture. Beans are similar and bitter than Robusta.

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