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60 Pack Single Serve Coffee Capsules

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A premium blend single serve coffee we call 'Original Roast'. This is our signature blend of premium gourmet coffees that make a rich, delicious cup. Each coffee capsule is sealed with no oxygen inside (no air) so the coffee stays fresh. An improved filter design stops coffee from shooting right through the middle, absorbing more grounds for a lively cup, without slowing down the brew time.

Customer Reviews

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Estefania Hackett

Used ceramic-it's just heaven and earth. 20 grams of coffee under the filter are crumpled in less than a minute, the grinding is almost uniform, the eye is happy. Out of habit may seem expensive, but it's worth it. Great coffee grinder!

Keegan Corkery

Awesome quality, thank you seller

Kamron Bartoletti

To the Kirov region in a record eight days, it's just a coffee grinder🔥🔥🔥. I made friends with a Turk relatively recently, but there was no coffee grinder. the choice fell on this, thanks to information from the Internet, in general, I recommend to everyone, the price-quality justifies itself!!!

Albert Padberg

Great coffee grinder! As described, Haroshy quality!

Norris Pagac

Amazing quality. Fast delivery. 30 seconds to grind 20g for Aeropress. Feels effortless. The sturdy weight of the item and silky smooth rotation are reassuring and satisfying.