Updates for April from our Roasters

Our Roasters are very excited about April.  Planned  expansion begins next week, as new roasters arrived yesterday.

This is expected to double  their  capacity and  allow  reopening of  cupping room and design center (both converted to shipping to help with the huge increase in orders over the last 2 yrs).  

All lines are running well ahead of expected with most orders shipping in 2-4 business days.

USPS and UPS maintain +1 days on most services due to COVID and labor shortages.

All origins and packages are in stock.

Best sellers last week:

1) 6 BEAN


3-5) Samples Sets



8) French Vanilla

9) Cowboy

10) WBAR

Our projections for higher prices and more severe shortages of green coffee for the next 18-24 months has been extended and we expect to see issues related to the dramatic decrease in fertilizer supply (Russia is the #1 supplier of fertilizer for coffee).  This along with existing supply issues will continue to put pressure on the severely limited supply that will impact the market for 18-36 months.

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