Is Specialty Coffee Worth the price?

Specialty coffee is an exciting phenomenon that has been gaining traction in the past few decades. It is a movement that elevates coffee from the status of just a commodity to an elite indulgence, one with unique tastes and flavors. Specialty coffee isn’t just a passing trend — it’s here to stay, and it’s worth getting to know more about.

Simply put, specialty coffee is coffee made with coffees of excellent quality and taste. Quality is assessed on various parameters such as flavor, aroma, body, acidity, balance and aftertaste. All these qualities are assessed according to strict standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Coffees scoring 80 points or higher on a 100-point scale are considered specialty coffees. The rest are simply labeled as commercial coffee.

Specialty coffees vary widely based on their origin and degree of processing. Different regions produce distinct flavors due to different soil composition and climate conditions. Each country produces its own unique blends which are then processed in different ways – wet processing vs dry processing being the two main methods – which further alters the flavor profile of each blend significantly.

In wet processing all the fruit surrounding the beans is removed before drying them out in the sun; this results in a much lighter taste than dry process beans but can sometimes be acidic or even sour tasting depending on how ripe the cherries were when harvested and how long they were left for drying. Dry processing involves leaving the fruit on during drying which can result in more intense flavors with deeper complexity but may also mute some of its fruity notes if overdone.

The roasting process also plays an important role in developing specialty flavors as well. Lighter roasts tend to have brighter acidity while darker roasts usually have fuller body while sacrificing some of those bright acidic notes; this is why many people prefer medium or medium-dark roast levels when drinking specialty coffees as this provides both complexity and balance between brightness and body at once.

Another thing you should consider when purchasing specialty coffees is whether it comes from single origin beans or from a blend of different origins/countries; single origin means that all beans come from one region only whereas blends involve mixing multiple origins together for unique flavor profiles that can’t be achieved through single origin alone. Both types offer very different experiences so it’s important to find out what kind you like best before investing in any particular variety!

Finally, there are numerous brewing methods available for specialty coffee enthusiasts looking to get more out of their experience – such as pour over, cold drip, French press etc - each offering something unique depending on how you like your cup brewed!

At its core, specialty coffee allows us to explore diverse regions through our cups while experiencing complex yet balanced flavors no matter what brewing method we choose! It offers us an opportunity to learn about other cultures through its aromas and tastes while allowing us to indulge ourselves through every sip we take! Whether you choose single origin or blend, light roast or dark roast - there’s something special about every cup of specialty coffee out there waiting for you to discover!

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