'If you're a coffee-lover, you need to check out our Specialty Coffee Collection! Our beans are roasted to perfection and brewed with the utmost care, resulting in the richest, most flavorful cup of coffee you've ever tasted.

Experience the finest selection of StepUp Specialty Coffee products, meticulously curated from around the world to satisfy the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. Each variety offers a unique flavor profile that showcases the distinctive characteristics of its origin. With StepUp, you can take your coffee journey to new heights. Let's explore the exquisite range of our coffees:

Costa Rica


Bali Blue


Elevate your coffee routine with StepUp Specialty Coffee and savor the world with every sip. 

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Ethiopian Sidama Zone Roast, an  exquisite roast, with a medium-light intensity, embodies the unique terroir of Sidama, Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian Natural

Medium Dark Roast


We only use the highest quality beans for our flavored coffees. This ensures that you get the perfect cup every time, with all the flavor and none of the bitterness.

Mexican Chocolate

Medium Dark Roast


The African Kahawa Blend boasts notes of deep chocolate, vibrant fruitiness, and subtle hints of spice, culminating in a complex and satisfying taste sensation.

African Kahawa

Medium Roast

Explore the World with More Specialty Coffee 

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Africas Curated Coffee Blends

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