The Best Manual Coffee Grinders (Tried & Tested)

Unless you know how to prepare coffee, you will probably discover that just grinding coffee beans just before you start is the only way to maximize the potential of coffee. I prefer to grind coffee in my own house using a push-button electronic grinder. But why do we crave coffee when we don't have home? This grinder is portable, similar to a hand made coffee grinder. Keep your eyes away from these hand grinding machines.

Why is Using a Quality Hand Coffee Grinder so Important?

A golden rule in specialty coffee is fresh grinding your coffee beans at a high powered hand cranker just before you brew. Coffee is a delicate commodity which must be handled carefully for the preservation of its flavors. It has lost some of its aromatic properties when bought. Whole beans should be stored in a sealed glass and ideally used from 5-7 days till 4 weeks following the roast date to protect it from the flavor.

Timemore C2 – Best Budget Hand Grinder

I believe Timemore C2 is the most budget-friendly step-grinder on the market. It includes an excellent set of 38 mm stainless steel conical burrs that provide constant grinding at low prices. Turn of the crank is smooth and quick, especially in moderate grinding situations.

Capacity: The coffee grinder's hopper is 25 grams depending on the amount of beans are. It is 14752 mm, and its handle is 156 mm in thickness. This grinder weighs 435g total. The Timemore Chestnut C2 is comprised from aluminium and plastic components.

1Zpresso K-PLUS Manual Coffee Grinder – Best All-Rounder

The 1Zpresso K Plus is very interesting. Because of its smart design and its unique burr set as well as useful accessories, this coffee machine is in the top five of the best coffee grinders available today. It has an outer adjustability wheel, a twist and closed magnetic grind catcher, and an exceptionally smooth grinding experience. Capability. The Zpresso K-Plus has an impressive grind catcher. This magnetic cylinder opens in simple twists, which makes it much easier for removing bean jars, as is typical for many grinders. Depending on bean size a top may hold between 35-40 g per bag. Bean containers are slightly easier for the spacer rings to fit.

Best Budget Hand Grinder

It's the Normcore grinder v2 that we picked up. This lovely beauty provides great value for cash and is less than $100 and it is a nice deal. It's a sleek, modern design and comes brushed black in matte finish. Besides allowing grinding and adjusting grip, silicone bands are useful for travel. The grinder is made from rolled aluminum from one piece. Its central shaft is made from steel with dual ball bearings which allow squeezing smoothly. The Normcore grinder weighs a mere 20 g. Its appeal is also a factor in its size.

Our pick

The Baratza Encore grinds the same coffee on the same set of settings as other machines we tested. This is a time-tested, reliable, straightforward device that occupies a small area of counter space. It is simple and maintainable, it is a good investing opportunity that you can trust. It's perfect for anyone making drip coffee using another technique such as pouring coffee into a fine to coarse grind setting.

Baratza Ensore Coffee Grinder

Things To Consider When Buying A Manual Coffee Grinder

It's easy with hand-operated coffee grinders to find the right one that works for you as well. I've listed some buying recommendations that should be helpful for you. I hope that you choose the perfect two filter coffee grinder you have in your arsenal! Some criteria are optional, but other criteria are must-haves.

Hario Ceramic Burr Coffee Mill “Skerton Pro”

If you need an efficient ceramic coffee grinder, it's difficult. Although not as featureful as many other hand grinders on our list, the Hario lacks features and provides an excellent strong grinding capability. The Hario Skerton is small, lighter and easily used when travelling. Skerton features an ergonomic rubber base with an adequate storage capacity of ceramic burrs to provide efficient grinding and an ergonomic design. Complete all requirements for an efficient coffee grinding machine. Why? I have written a full review on my website for my review of Hario Skerton. You have a chance to learn a lot about how to prepare coffee grinds.

Hario ceramic burr

Porlex Mini Portable Hand Grinder

The Porlex is essentially one of the top coffee grinders available in the market. It features sturdy ceramic burrs which allow for grinding coffee on Porlex to be easy and really enjoyable. Porlex is excellent on almost all ground sizes, from a coarser grind to finer & everything in between. If you prefer brewing French press coffee, dipping coffee with AeroPress or pouring over your own coffee, the Porlex can give it an extremely consistent grind. It is worth noting that a Porlex grinds coffee well enough to create coffee, but the work requires 1-2 minutes to produce 16g.


Steel or Ceramic Grinding Burrs

In determining which grinder to use, quality burrs are the biggest consideration. Conical burrs are used in practically every grinder that has been encountered and made of Steel and Ceramic materials. Steel has its advantages. Ceramics and aluminium have their advantages. For instance steel's sharp edges are much stronger, giving more consistent grinding. Steel rusts but they are a heat conductant as well. When preparing a coffee it generates a lot of pressure that produces heat that damages your tea.

Upgrade pick

It has a burr set that is a bit quicker to set compared to the Encore's burr set. The Encore has an accurate digital timer that allows you to grind a specified quantity of beans from the hopper—simplified to avoid measuring every time you make a coffee. You can even use a hopper extension to store beans in Virtuoso +. The Virtuoso Plus also features lighting for the bin, which allows you to clearly see the amount of ground. This model is very much better at machining compared to Encores.

Orphan Espresso Lido 3 Swiss Burr Grinder

The Orphan Espresso Lido 3 has been around for quite some time. Many have praised it. The lidos 3 was developed by an orphan espresso firm whose products are well known as their various espresso equipment and a few small espresso machines. First let me mention it's big enough to fit a hand grinder. The weight of Lido 3 will be quite high. This isn't the simplest or most backpack-friendly grinder on the list.

Lido 3 Swiss Burr Manual Grinder

Comandante C40 Nitro Blade – Best Premium Hand Grinder

My first automatic espresso machine – the Porlex Mini – was recently replaced. While the prices for these gorgeous coffee grinders are definitely high, the grinder is the ultimate choice for homebrewers and professional coffee makers alike. The Comandante grinder has long been developed and has a smooth grind from ultra-fine up to coarse if necessary. The coffee container and glass container at the bottom can comfortably accommodate 40g of coffee.

Commande C40 Nitro Coffee Grinder

Budget pick

The Coffee grinder is the best we tried at its lowest cost around $100. We found that a lower price for a grinder is an important step down for grinding stability and durability. The Encore provides a more reliable and flexible grind and provides a maintenance and repair program for the long-term. It features a 10-ounce hopper and timer with varying intervals of zero – 30seconds that allow for manual grinding.


Timemore Chestnut G1 Manual Coffee Grinder

The Timemore Chestnut G1 has an elegant, industrial-chic look that is unique. This perfectly engineered manual grinder won Reddot’s 2017 Design Award. Past the attractive look, you will find precise milled steel burr fabricated with CNC 5-axis for excellent grinding performance. Two internal bearings tightly secure the central axle, ensuring the grinding burr runs smoothly and aligns optimally. The G1 grinder offers a huge variety of grinding settings easily adjusted via stepped wheels.

Grind Adjustments/Settings

I love having grinders that come with endless grind settings, is there a way I could grind coffee in different coffee brewing methods and techniques? It is compact, small, portable. There are several grind settings that should be uniform and consistent. It's just necessary... seriously. You may even use an AirPress on your travels. Keep things simple. For coffee grinders you need to wait until you have to leave your room and get a coffee grinder.

Grinder settings

Also great

We find the Chestnut C2 manual coffee grinder to be the best choice at around $100. The C2 is the low price grinder by Timemore, which produces coffee grinders for professionals who have good taste for coffee. Timemore utilised durable high-quality plastics on the inside shaft to sell the C2 at a lower cost. It offers a very smooth grind and is solid.

What about hand grinders?

Manual grinders with a wide range of features are still cheaper and have better quality design and more precise. Manual grinders are great travel tools for people with a faulty electricity supply and when you want to be quieter at night. (No motor makes noise!) And they can be a perfect solution for the small kitchen with a very busy kitchen. With that in mind, for this guide we wanted to recommend a good-quality manual grinder that works well.

Grinder Handle Length

Okay, its length is really important for a grinder that is able to change hands easily or damage it. Once your coffee grind is a bit of a hassle to handle, it requires significantly rework than if it was pressed on tadpoles. Please. It can go big or go home!

Best Travel Grinder

Zpresso was founded in Taiwan and has made an impact on coffee markets worldwide over the years and is growing rapidly. When looking at our best coffee grinders, we find some great ones from 1Zpresso. 1Xpresso provides excellent Burr grinder machines at very low prices. Q2 is 1 Zpresso contribution to travel grinders that pack an impressive punch. Its lightweight design allows it to squeeze into aero-press plungers for traveling. The material is sturdy but light aluminium. This portable grinder offers only 20 grams capacity and is therefore suitable if you want coffee with only one serving.

Lido 3

This is one huge grinder that weighs 1 kg and stands 13.5 inches tall. Its lack of portability compensates with the quality and functionality. This automatic coffee grinder can easily grind brewed espresso beans in any brewing style. The coffee perfectionist could consider the Lido E model that has been optimised for such cold brew and styles. This model features 48mm steel curved conical burrs that are extremely robust. The burrs were manufactured by Etzinger and produce an extremely uniform grinding effect.

JavaPresse Manual Hand Grinder

 Affordable, compact and stylish is the perfect description for the JavaPress Manual Espresso Grinder. The Java Press has the ability to make decent coffee at an inexpensive price without being too interested in style or aesthetics. The Java Presse is constructed with a brushed stainless-steel body with a ceramic grinding hole. The detachable crank can be easily removed and the entire grinder fits in an aeropress making it ideal for travel. It also features a double plate system, which makes it easier to grind and helps with more consistent results.

Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Grinder

 Zassenhaus Santiago coffee grinder may not be the best choice when traveling as it is a bulky product. Generally when it comes to home-use items, it doesn't matter much. They say practicing a lot is okay. I think Zassenhaus, a German manufacturer who manufactures these grinders, knows a few things about how to make quality products. They certainly have confidence in their products.

Discover the Best Manual Coffee Grinders in 2023

What is the best grinder to make homemade coffee? Just scroll down. It's easy to find the perfect coffee grinder that suits your needs - and the price range is affordable. Starting out strong in the Top 5. This article reveals some affordable hobby-based and vintage hand-operated mug coffee grinders.

Rok Hand Crank Coffee Grinder

Purchase online. A few things. The ROK Grinder is not the best for a trip because they're significantly bigger and bulkier than other brands of grinders. But that does not mean ROK is bad. It can also work on any other kitchen machine. The ROK is built of diecast aluminium, and grinding whole coffee is easy thanks to its design and the large crankarm which a surprisingly flexible tool can be adapted to a user with left hands. The grinding equipment in the ROK is made up of 48 mm stainless steel burrs mounted in a vertically placed arrangement instead of the standard horizontal arrangement.

Best Hand Grinder For Espresso

Kinu M46 grinders have been widely regarded as a top hand grinder in Japan for several years. It's a mid-range model of M47 offering good value for money. Kinun Grinding - M47 is known for its outstanding construction. Simply put, these grinders are constructed as tanks. This grinder weighs 925 grams and is certainly not a good one to carry around. Simplicity models have stainless steel bodies, axles and 4 ball bearings, which can be easily rolled without effort. For the best possible price it incorporates a plastic component in the designs. It's made from ABS plastic that attaches by O-ring.

Repairs and maintenance

If it was properly maintained it would probably last several years. For proper maintenance your grinder needs easy cleaning. This especially applies to those accustomed to darker roasts and sometimes flavorful coffees. These beans have more of an odor and are often removed once yearly for optimal taste and grinding performance. In our testing, we were interested in machines with easy-to-remove parts, particularly around burr sets. ( A quality burr grinder can usually last 10 years if used correctly and needs replaced.

How the Baratza Encore has held up

She has been working on her Encore for a decade now and uses it to make espresso and drip coffee. It's a relatively inexpensive solution, but she said it's a simple solution. It’s also a little quicker than our Wirecutter Virtuoso+ which the Wirecutter team is using for their office - the Encore certainly delivers!

Burr grinders vs. blade grinders

Like blade grinders blitz coffee beans in smaller chunks randomly, burr grinders cut coffee beans into two grooves like flour. It depends how far the two burrs are from each other; the ground is therefore a constant size than the grinders that buzz them. More important is that blade grinders don't precisely set up a drippot in a French press like electric grinders do. Most times you will find some very very fine grind in powders and smaller chunks.

But what if I still want to use a blade grinder?

Some coffee drinkers will stand behind blade grinders and deem the burr grinders pretentious. Although they may believe that's a mistake by experts, we believe that people who like brewing coffee with blades should never change things. It may be worth it to consider acquiring the blade grinder. Though the blade grinder has been used in a few cases in various price categories, the smallest sizes can vary in size.

What To Look for in a Hand Coffee Grinder

There will be an enormous variety of coffee grinder machines available by 2023. According to some reports there is currently a huge saturated market. It is actually quite common for a machine to be found. But not only by unknown companies but also by big players in the coffee industry such as Mazzer. Whatever style, size, consistency, or price, coffee grinders have you in their name.


Is hand grinding coffee better?

The manual grinder can produce slightly higher quality coffee than an automatic grinder as the manual grinder does not grind adjustment and not reheat coffee while grinding. Most automatic grinding machines work at high rates; the friction increases coffees temperature for very little time.

Can you hand grind coffee?

It's possible to crush the beans using coffee grinders. You could make them using blender or food processor. For grinding beans by hand, use the hand grinder or mortar and pestle. This method allows the grinds to be coarse and fine, as desired.

How long does it take to grind coffee by hand?

What time is it for making coffee? It is known to take about 60 turns on a 10-gram coffee grinder which takes between 30-30 seconds in total. The ergonomic side-mounted handle makes grinding easier than the conventional top-up grinder.

Can you grind coffee beans with hand grinder?

Stop by and taste the fresh coffee beans! Hand grinders are an easy way to obtain an authentic flavor. There's no coffee machine! Read this article on coffee making.

Are hand grinders better for coffee?

The manual coffee grinding system should make coffee surprisingly better than automated because manual coffee milling is less likely to heat a bean during the grinding process. The majority of automatic grinding equipment grinds with high speed, which increases the coffees temperature for short periods.

What to look for when buying a manual coffee grinder?

How do you pick up a coffee machine? Grinding. Several techniques have different extraction methods that determine how quickly and at how much pressure pre ground coffee can be soaked in water. ... Setting. ... Potential. ... Speeds. " Dimensions. ... Noises. ... Materials. ... Cleaning.

How long do manual coffee grinders last?

When your coffee grinder has a good cleaning process and is maintained regularly, your burrs should last well into 20 years of use. Obviously, this lifetime is dependent upon the grams of coffee grinder and preferences of a particular coffee drink.

How long does it take to grind coffee with a hand grinder?

It typically takes 1 min for an automatic grinder. It depends mainly upon your coffee grinder type and size, grind speed and grind strength (a coarse espresso grinder grind consistency can take longer than a coarse coffee grind), and coffee quality.

How hard is it to hand grind coffee?

Without electricity, grinding coffee requires hand work on a manual grinder for a few minutes. It's not hard work that takes time, but its beneficial outcomes are overwhelming. Unfortunately, grinding with hands is often quite tiring at the most extreme levels.

Are manual burr grinders worth it?

Manual grinders are helpful choices when making homebrewing with less energy. Coffee brewing machines are also a very suitable choice for people who love to camp and travel. It's a burr grinder that can grind coffee easily with a simple click of a button.

How good are manual coffee grinders?

Manual grinding machines are sturdy and stable and will probably outlast all electric grinding machines. Unless you're saving $100 you can always follow a manual. It is advisable that we buy the finest grinders we can. Electric grinders will work best for your needs.

What is the best manual coffee grinder not made in China?

Comandante hand coffee grinders is sourced from Germany. This high-quality coffee grinder features a Nitro Blade® conical burr package created by years of research. The Commandante hand grinder is strong against all electronic rotary grinders and is the best-performing hand grinder we have ever found.

Which is better manual or electric coffee grinder?

Use of coffee grinders can increase the coarseness. These are ideal for travel or small rooms. It is common for coffee grinders to be quieter than electric models so they won't disturb families while drinking coffee.

Are hand grinders best for espresso?

The answer is the type of espresso you are talking about. For Moka Pot espresso, manual grinders give good results. For a good espresso machine the electric grinder is recommended.

What type of grinder is best for espresso?

Espresso lovers prefer flat burr grinders for its ability of producing unimodal distributions. The conical burr is ideal in its ability but it also produces 2 sets of grinder: small and large.

What espresso grinder does Starbucks use?

Starbucks has used Mastrena machines since 2009 and worked closely with thermoplan on customized machines for their particular needs. It is a staple of Starbucks's coffeemaking process.

Who is Comandante's competitor?

The Zassenhaus Quito is one of the best options if the Comandante seems too expensive. The apple never falls out. It was inspired by our test winner on several levels.

Is manual grinder good for espresso?

Manual grinders produce consistent size coffee grounds, which is essential when making a balanced and tasty coffee. It is consistent on all grind sizes from French press up espresso, although sometimes it's harder to set the grind size to micro-adjust.

What kind of coffee grinder do you need for espresso?

Espresso fans prefer flat-burr grinders because they have unimodal distributions The conical burr combines optimum grind sizes with small grind quality and big grinds—or the bi-modal.

Are manual grinders worth it?

Just as we wouldn't skimp on the quality of ground coffee beans, we won't compromise on the quality of the grinding. No need for a cheap electric burr grinder for good grinding quality. The coffee grinder is of the best quality for the price that can be met.

Is a cheap coffee grinder worth it?

Learn - The Ultimate Guide to Espresso. Amazingly cheap automatic grinders produce espresso finer than electric grinders, three to four times more expensive. It's taking more elbow grease to grind coffee to a fine consistency, but the result is exactly what you want.

How do I choose a good manual coffee grinder?

Tips about the Use of Manual Coffee Grinding Machines : You might consider purchasing a product which has an attractive cylindrical shape that's easy to keep storing and gripping. A compact, lightweight form is also surprisingly useful when using a small kitchen where the space is not available.


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