Coffee Grinder Hand Held Review: A Detailed Look at the 1Zpresso Jx in 2023

Are you tired of inconsistent grinds and bland coffee flavors? The 1Zpresso JX, a top manual coffee grinder hand held, might just be the answer to your brewing woes. In this detailed review, we’ll cover its impressive speed, consistency, and value for money, giving you an insight into why this electric grinder that has become a favorite among coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Get ready to embark on a journey towards a flavorsome and aromatic coffee experience like never before.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the 1Zpresso Jx Handheld Coffee Grinder: offering speed, consistency and durability at an affordable price.

  • Experience effortless grinding with its intuitive adjustment system and comfortable grip handle knob.

  • Enjoy a reliable, precise & cost effective grinding experience for fine to medium grinds every time!

Introducing the 1Zpresso JX Handheld Coffee Grinder

The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans every morning is no longer a dream but a reality with the 1Zpresso Jx. This manual coffee grinder, one of the best hand coffee grinders in the market, offers notable grinding speed and consistency in grind size. Its sleek design and compatibility with both pour-over and espresso brewing methods, along with a stylish wooden handle knob that is magnetic and easily removable for transportation, make it a must-have for coffee enthusiasts who prefer the best manual coffee grinders around.

All of these features add a touch of elegance to your coffee-making experience.

The 1Zpresso JX impressively withstands thousands of pounds of coffee, demonstrating its commendable durability. What’s more, it’s more affordable than electric grinders in the sub $100 category, making it an excellent alternative for those looking to save some money without compromising on quality. With its superior burr and stable design, it outperforms the Porlex Mini, ensuring the freshest flavor for your next to brew coffee ever.

Priced at $139.00, the 1Zpresso JX provides an extraordinary grinding experience that won’t drain your wallet. Its founder hails from Taiwan, and its production takes place in China, showcasing the perfect blend of innovation and craftsmanship that has made the 1Zpresso JX a popular choice among coffee aficionados both espresso and worldwide.

Setting Up Your 1Zpresso JX

Setting up the 1Zpresso JX is a breeze with its user-friendly adjustment system and the comfortable grip its wooden handle knob provides. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or new to the world of manual grinders, the Jx’s intuitive adjustment system makes it a breeze to customize your grind settings for the perfect brew.

Unlike electric burr grinders that can be noisy and messy, the 1Zpresso JX offers a quieter and less cluttered grinding experience as an alternative to an electric burr grinder. Its full grind beans capacity of approximately 50g ensures you’ll have plenty of coffee goodness to enjoy, whether you’re brewing a single cup or serving a group of friends. With the Jx, you can easily achieve the ideal grind size for your preferred brewing method, be it drip coffee, French press, or even espresso.

Aesthetic Appeal and Durability of the 1Zpresso JX

Beyond its high performance, the 1Zpresso Jx also stands out for its superb design. Crafted from stainless steel, including the conical burrs, the Jx is a sleek and functional manual good quality burr grinder that’s built to last. Its robust stainless steel body and the wide rubber band ensure an unbeatable grip, making it a strong competitor to electric burr grinders.

As your first manual coffee grinder, the 1Zpresso Jx offers:

  • Exceptional grip, provided by the broad rubber band, making your grinding experience smooth and effortless

  • Attention to detail in its design

  • Durability and functionality that sets it apart from other manual grinders in the market

Navigating the 1Zpresso Jx's Features

The 1Zpresso Jx features a simple yet precise adjustment system, with the basic model offering 30 clicks per rotation and the Jx Pro version providing an even greater precision with 40 clicks per rotation. This allows you to easily tailor the grind size to your specific brewing method, ensuring the perfect cup every time.

With an impressive hopper capacity of about 35 grams of beans and a bottom part of only grinder that holds 55 grams of ground coffee, the 1Zpresso Jx is truly a versatile grinder. It does an outstanding job for fine to medium grinds, making it an excellent choice for those looking to explore various brewing methods and coffee flavors.

Putting the 1Zpresso JX to the Test

The 1Zpresso JX really stands out for its impressive grinding speed and consistency. Our experience with the Jx has been nothing short of remarkable, as it provides exceptional grinding speed and consistency for a consistent particle size with minimal fines. This makes it perfect for a variety of brewing methods, from manual brew methods like Chemex, French press, and AeroPress, to more advanced espresso techniques.

The 1Zpresso Jx hand grinder:

  • Fulfills its promise of speed and consistency

  • Distinguishes itself as the prime choice among all hand grinders

  • Presents an unbeatable value for coffee aficionados worldwide

  • Impressive performance and quality

  • An essential addition to any coffee enthusiast’s brewing arsenal

Grinding Speed and Consistency with the 1Zpresso Jx

Being the quickest manual grinder available, the 1Zpresso Jx assures remarkable consistency and fine grind quality, serving both pour-over and espresso brewing methods effectively. Its performance easily outshines cheaper entry-level models with ceramic burrs, preserving the volatile aromas of your coffee beans and ensuring a flavorsome brew.

When compared to other manual grinders, such as the Lido 3 and the Timemore C2, the 1Zpresso Jx continues to excel in terms of speed and consistency. Its suitability for various brewing methods, combined with its speed as the fastest hand grinder on the market, makes it a top choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking a capable hand coffee grinder that delivers on its promises.

A uniform grind size, crucial for brewing an ideal cup of coffee and preventing under- or over-extraction, is guaranteed with the 1Zpresso Jx. This ensures a consistent even grind consistency, resulting in a great tasting coffee every time you’re grinding coffee.

The Final Word on the 1Zpresso JX

To wrap up, the 1Zpresso JX comes highly recommended as a manual coffee grinder due to its speed, consistency, and excellent value for money. Its durability, sleek design, and versatile performance make it an excellent grinding experience for coffee drinkers and enthusiasts of all levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a casual coffee drinker, the 1Zpresso Jx is a worthy investment that will elevate your daily brewing routine.


To sum up, the 1Zpresso Jx is a top manual coffee grinder that delivers exceptional speed, consistency, and value for money. Its well-made design, ease of use, and suitability for various brewing methods make it a must-have for any coffee lover looking to enhance their daily brewing experience. With the 1Zpresso Jx blade grinder, you can enjoy the freshest, most flavorful coffee, all from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hand coffee grinders better?

Hand grinders offer the superior tasting coffee, as they do not heat up coffee beans while the grinding process. Thus, overall hand coffee grinders are better.

What is the most reliable manual coffee grinder?

The 1Zpresso JX is the most reliable manual coffee grinder, making it the ideal choice for Chemex, French press and AeroPress coffee grounds. It's a no-brainer decision to name the 1Zpresso JX "Best Overall" in this category.

Why buy a manual coffee grinder?

A manual coffee grinder is a cost-effective solution that offers the consistency you need to brew great coffee anywhere, anytime - without waking up your family!

What brewing methods is the 1Zpresso JX suitable for?

The 1Zpresso Jx is perfect for the coffee enthusiast, as it can be used for both pour-over and espresso brewing methods.

How easy is the 1Zpresso Jx to set up?

Setting up the 1Zpresso Jx is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive adjustment system and comfortable wooden handle knob.

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